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The Many Times That Channing Tatum Stole Our Heart

by Emmy Griffiths ,
The Many Times That Channing Tatum Stole Our Heart© Getty

Channing Tatum isn’t afraid to dive into every genre of movie that will have him. He’s done romcoms, dance films, action, comedy, historical and drama and although we love ALL of them, our personal favourite has to be Magic Mike (yes – the one when he strips and is magnificent). We are more than a little excited to hear that Channing is writing the SECOND instalment to the Magic Mike saga, so we thought we’d review everything we love about this guy. For science.

When he stripped and you couldn’t quite believe it was happening

In Magic Mike, Channing strips, a lot. We curse that we have to blink and miss precious moments of this.


When it was revealed he used to be a stripper in real life


When he showed he was not afraid to cry

Channing loves doing his Nicholas Sparks’ adaptations – which means emotional break ups and crying are an essential. Poor, sad Channing. Let us cheer you up.

When he wore an army uniform and looked oh-so-sexy

He looks nice in an army uniform, okay? We said it so you don’t have to. Although we are sure you have said it in the past. Why wouldn’t you say it? It’s true.

When he wasn’t finished wearing uniforms and we were relieved

Yes, he was also a police officer in 21 Jump Street and yes, we enjoyed his nice policeman’s outfit. Even when he’s decked out in shorts and a cycling helmet. Nerd love.

When he just had some fun with criminals

Channing and Jonah Hill are the best bromance ever. Just look at them messing with this criminal!

When he showed that he could dance

Channing can dance and we can watch and everything is good and right in the world.


When he lifted Amanda Bynes up and we realised he could lift us up that way

It would feel like we weighed nothing more than a dried leaf. It would be magical.

When he could totally handle his booze

He could get drunk with us then carry us home because he can handle it.

When he was super sexy and playful

Mr Tatum likes to play around on set sometimes. He is fun and interesting. He would be fun to hang out with. We like this.

When he was in trouble but he was all brave

Channing Tatum is in danger. SOMEONE HELP HIM.



Good lord. Was this the moment? Was this the moment we fell in love?

When he was a bit of a dummy but we didn’t care

Education doesn’t matter when you have the face and body of a Greek God.

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Emmy Griffiths
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