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This Is The Most Handsome Vet We've Ever Seen

by Emmy Griffiths ,
This Is The Most Handsome Vet We've Ever Seen

We always have a lot of affection for the good vets out there who fix our poorly pets. Their affinity with animals and knowing how much those little fur balls in their care mean to you goes a long way, so it's a little hard not to fall in love with them, especially when they are as really really ridiculously good looking as this guy...

Everyone, meet Dr. Evan Antin

He works as an animal expert and exotic animal veterinarian at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital.

And gosh darn it, he is FINE.

Whether he is pulling duck face...

Or lugging around a big ole' tortoise...

You can bet he will look gurrrrd doing it.

He takes care of all sorts of animals, to the adorable and fluffy:

To the OUTRIGHT terrifying:

We mean, LOOK at him! He's wearing a tuxedo and his date is a monkey!

Happy Saturday! Let's tux and monkey! #animaltracksinc #baboon #blacktie #wildvet #chrissythebaboon

A photo posted by Evan Antin 🐊🐣🐒🐱🐶🐢🐖🐍🐅🐿🐇 (@dr.evanantin) on Jan 16, 2016 at 1:30pm PST

He even posts videos of him performing surgeries on the animals, while oh-so-casually displaying his GUNS.

We love you Evan. Stay perfect.

Feast your eyes people...

See album

If this article wasn't enough (and really, how could it be?) you can follow Dr. McDreamy on Facebook here and Instagram here. Happy stalking! In the meantime, tweet us your thoughts @sofeminineUK!

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