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Twenty Years Of Friends: 20 Moments We Know Off By Heart

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 22/09/2014 at 12:00
Twenty Years Of Friends: 20 Moments We Know Off By Heart © Celebrate Friends 20th anniversary daily on Comedy Central and the 20TH Anniversary Box Sets out no

It's been 20 years since Rachel ran into Central Perk wearing a wedding dress and the six Friends were all together for the first time. Following that Friends has given us more hilarious moments than we can count! In honour of the show that will always secretly be our all-time favourite, here are our top twenty Friends moments...

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20. Drunken Ross

Ross's reaction when he finds out that Joey and Rachel have been hooking up was probably the best moment of their entire, murky relationship.

19. Monica teaches Chandler

Bonus points for you if you can quote all the numbers in the correct order!


18. Ross and Joey's nap

Ross and Joey accidentally end up snuggled on the sofa together and it's the best nap both of them had EVER HAD.

17. Joey speaking French

Joey learning French was frustrating for everyone. But mostly for Phoebe.


16. I hate Rachel Green club

In-his-prime Brad Pitt was in the apartment for Thanksgiving, and he hated Rachel Green.

15. Ross playing bagpipes

For extra hilarity check out the bloopers. Amazing.


14. What is Chandler Bing's job?

The bet for the apartment was nineties television at it's most tense.

13. "My best friend and my sister!"

Ross was having some rage issues and seeing his best friend shacking up with his sister didn't help.


12. Holiday armadillo

The Holiday Armadillo, his voice and his interaction with Santa made this the greatest episode.

David Schwimmer, marry us.

11. "Let's play Bamboozle!"

If this was a real gameshow we'd spin the wheel of mayhem every night.


10. Paper! Snow! A ghost!

Don't go on a gameshow with Joey.


9. Lift and slide!

So what do we do after we lift?


8. Monica's parents find out about Richard

Monica 'caught the live show' of her parent's sex tape, was called a 'twinkie in the city' and FINALLY revealed that she and her dad's BFF the original DILF Richard were an item. Hilarity ensues.


We honestly don't know how anyone kept a straight face during this one.


6. Love machine

"I too, am a neat guy."

5. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

Mike and Phoebe's marriage was one for the ages. The love story of Princess Consuela and Crap Bag.


4. Chandler and Monica get engaged

THIS EPISODE. Richard wants Monica back! Chandler's plan goes horribly wrong! YOU THINK MONICA'S LEFT HIM. This is why everyone has trust issues nowadays, just saying.

3. Running through the park

Hands up if you began running like Phoebe after this episode?


2. The Prom video

We all knew he was her lobster! Why did it take TEN seasons?!

1. I got off the plane

Probably the most perfect moment in the Friends season finale was when Rachel returned from the airport to declare her love for Ross. FINALLY.


Did we miss your favourite moment? Tell us about it @sofeminineUK!

This article was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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