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16 Things People With An Unusual Name Know To Be True

by Emmy Griffiths ,
16 Things People With An Unusual Name Know To Be True© weheartit

Having an unusual name can be great in many ways. You are unique, you're easy to find on social media, and everyone tends to remember your name (once they've FINALLY worked out how to pronounce it). However, life can be hard on those whose names are a little different...

You will have your name repeated back to your several times when meeting someone new

You may as well be speaking Latin as they repeat your name, brow furrowed with a look of total bemusement.

Either that or the person will give up, look awkward and never address you by name ever again

"Hey...you!" - A common greeting you hear almost every day.

You realise that correcting someone over the phone is a mistake

It doesn't REALLY matter what name you give the taxi driver, but after automatically correcting them once becomes a ten minute confused conversation, you wish you were just called Dave.

A sound knowledge of the phonetic alphabet is key

It saves so much time, effort and keeps your sanity in check.

Everyone immediately assumes it’s short for something

"Nope! Just that. Nothing else to me. Nothing more interesting. End of conversation. Awkward."

There’s always that person who can’t pronounce it so they decide to call you something else

It's obviously is not an acceptable solution when most of your friends don't even know what your real first name is anymore.

It’s also generally assumed that your parents are a little odd

"So...what were your parents thinking?"

Then there’s the constant fear of having official documents ruined

Graduation ceremonies, drivers licences, passports...there's always the danger that your name is going to cause you problems.

Even coke bottles are a no-no

Congratulations normal named people. Enjoy the coke made just for you. We'll be over here drinking from one that says 'Friend' and pretending we don't care.

Never having a personalised souvenir from your holidays

No fun personalised keyring or necklace for you!

The nicknames at school based on your name were cruel and unusual

You never stood a chance really, did you?

Having a celebrity baby given your name and knowing you had it first despite everyone in the world relating it to an infant

Damn it Apple, I was here FIRST.

Checking a baby names book and not being able to find your name

It must have some meaning! I did this to get in touch with my sense of self!

When you have seen every single variation of spelling your name has to offer

Birthday cards are a fun, special way of working out which of your family members actually know how to spell...

Starbucks should just give up now

They're never going to get it right, but at least it's fun to Instagram!

Having such a long name that you feel vaguely embarrassed when needing to list it

Spy Kids Carmen Elizabeth Juanita Echo Sky Brava Cortez was our hero and knew our pain.

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This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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