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WATCH: Kim Kardashian gives her fans a lesson in taking the perfect selfie

by Alison Potter ,
WATCH: Kim Kardashian gives her fans a lesson in taking the perfect selfie© Getty

Kim Kardashian is the undisputed queen of the selfie. No one quite takes a selfie like the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, and she’s quite kindly decided to share her insider knowledge with the rest of us mere mortals. So now you too can clog up your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds with picture perfect selfies of your face. Now if only she’d share her style tips too…

Kim Kardashian is a woman of many talents, and one of those talents includes taking the most flattering selfie possible.

Kanye West’s fiancée gave her fans a lesson in how to pose, pout and click just like her.

In the short video for Extra, the 33-year-old is sitting in a nail salon with her BFF Brittny Gastineau when she reveals her top-secret selfie tips.

Kim explains: “Rule number one, you always have to have it a little higher…”

The mum-of-one then gets slightly distracted by the fact that she’s barefaced, adding: “I look so disgusting with no make-up on!”

Back on track with the lesson, Kim says: “So you always look to have it from high to low, know your angle…”

Brittny chimes in that you should also know your lighting, and Kim surprisingly adds: “And no duck face. But I love doing that, because it gives you cheekbones. But people get so mad.”

The pair then pose for a bunch of pouty, duck-faced snaps – which will no doubt be liked by Kim’s thousands of followers.

Although she’s not old enough to pose properly yet, Kim has recently been posting adorable pics of her baby girl North to Instagram.

The 6-month-old has clearly inherited her mother’s gorgeous looks, and yesterday proud papa Kanye West gushed about how their daughter is on “a level of royalty like the prince and princess in London!”

Well it only stands to reason that Nori is a princess, after all her mum Kim is the queen of selfies!

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