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WATCH: The John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Here And It Might Be Our Favourite One Yet

by Emmy Griffiths ,
WATCH: The John Lewis Christmas Ad Is Here And It Might Be Our Favourite One Yet

What signals the beginning of Christmas to you? Is it that first Christmas song you hear while out shopping? Is it the Coca Cola ad? Or is it whatever sobfest John Lewis has rustled up for us this year?! For us, we're definitely all about John Lewis. From a little boy who can't wait to give his parents their present to a penguin who just wants a friend, they always seem to get it just right, and this year is NO different!

Do you think while the writers were coming up with ideas for the John Lewis ad they just made a list of the saddest things they could think of? Because unless you have a heart made of stone, NOTHING will stop you shedding a tear at the lonely old man isolated from the world, and the little girl who wants to get a message of him.

The ad shows a little girl who is a keen astronomer watching the moon. As she zooms in her telescope, she spots an old man living alone on the moon. He watches Earth wistfully but can't see the little girl as she tries to find ways to get messages to him for Christmas. It's a sad reminder about people who are alone during the holidays but don't worry! The story has a happy ending (that didn't stop us from sobbing though!).


Of course, Twitter has been talking about the ad all morning, which #manonthemoon as a top trend. Here are our favourite reactions from the ad...

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Emmy Griffiths
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