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Woman Orders A Glass Table, Is Sent Forty Bags Of Fish Instead

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Woman Orders A Glass Table, Is Sent Forty Bags Of Fish Instead

What would you do if you ordered a glass table off the Internet but when it arrived it wasn't exactly what you ordered? More specifically, what if instead of your nice glass table you were actually sent forty BAGS OF FISH?! Needless to say, this sunny Brit lost her SH*T.

We've heard about online purchases not quite living up to expectations, but this is ridiculous. Poor Jacqueline Johnson was expecting a glass table to arrive and instead was left with forty bags of fish. Needless to say, as a wronged Brit in an undeniably hilarious situation, her emotions go from fury to hysteria in this frankly brilliant (albeit foul-mouthed) tirade.

​To be fair on her, how would you react in a situation where you had forty unwanted fish but no glass table?!


Our favourite part of the video? "NOW I'VE GOT TO BUY A TANK FOR THEM." We really, really hope she kept all forty bags of fish. SoFeminine has reached out to the uploader to find out their fishy fate!

What would you do with forty bags of fish? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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