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What Happens When Kids Try To Act Like Adults…

by Emmy Griffiths ,
What Happens When Kids Try To Act Like Adults…© Getty

Most children spend their days simply having fun. That's the point of being a child after all! They enjoy eating sweets, talking nonsense and playing games. But what about the mini people who are wise beyond their years, whether it is in dance, drama or the powers of reasoning? Should we learn from their wisdom? Nah, let's do the grown-up thing and simply laugh at their YouTube videos!

Being reasonable

What do you do when your mother gives you a good telling off for trying to get your paws on some cookies without her permission? Try to reason with her! Give her a pet name, talk her down from her anger. "Linda! Honey! Listen to me!"


Lessons in etiquette

This little girl knows what is polite and what is not, and so when her classmate gets a snotty nose (ew, children), she knows it's disgusting!


The Ballerina

This little girl will dedicate her life to ballet dammit! But only if she can get her feet to point the right way... So...much...effort. It's like watching a miniature version of The Black Swan.


The conversationalists

What sound like baby googoos and gagas to us is clearly a truly delightful conversation in baby twin language!


The evil eye

This little girl has mastered the art of the evil eye even better than us!


The world on his shoulders

This kid, named CJ, has just been informed that his mother has eaten all of his halloween candy. His reaction is one of a resigned, tired acceptance.


This work ethic

This five-year-old is going to get a job before she will settle down with a MAN. If that man has a problem with it, then she will get herself another one! Preach sister!


School has gotten too much

You know when you've just had one of those weeks and you can't face going back to the office? This little girl shares our anguish as she explains to her father how she can't take school anymore!


The movie critic

This little girl keenly explaining Star Wars is a compelling and insightful look into one of the most iconic movies of our time.

Also, "Obi Kenobi?" SO CUTE WE CAN'T EVEN


The future Glastonbury attendee

He needs music to be happy! We can't blame him for never wanting Florence and the Machine to end!


The self-helper

This little girl reminds herself of everything she likes in front of the mirror every morning. We're wondering whether she's been approached to write a self-help book yet?


The Future Winter Olympics Gold Medallist

We can only hear this girls terrified squeaks as she contemplates the ski jump, but her enthusiasm once she's done it is so cute! She's definitely heading off to the Olympics, watch this space!


Future dancer

This baby doing the samba is going to end up the savviest of dancers. He's already a pro!


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Emmy Griffiths
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