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Why JK Rowling's Twitter Is Every Harry Potter Fan's Dream Come True

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Why JK Rowling's Twitter Is Every Harry Potter Fan's Dream Come True© Getty

Earlier this year, Harry Potter fans (or Potheads, as they are affectionately known) lost their minds when it was announced THREE new movies from the magical universe were in the works, the first of which to be written by JK Rowling herself. Since then, the author of the most successful franchise of all time has been hard at work at both the screenplay, and hilariously teasing her fans on Twitter...

Since it was announced that JK Rowling would be writing the screenplay based on Newt Scamander, a character in the Harry Potter world, her Twitter page has been MUCH more active then before, when her activity could only be described as POOR:

However, of late she has been MUCH more active on her account, providing little gems for her rabid fans everywhere...

An insight into the day she broke all of their hearts

As well as some helpful tidbits about herself

But more importantly, she gives snippets of info on her new projects

Then she goes and does THIS

A riddle? REALLY? Are we Harry Potter in the maze in Goblet of Fire? Why is she teasing us in this way?!

Despite several (wrong) guesses...

And JK's unhelpful hints

And replying to some 'nearly there' fans

She had to give some hints

Then FINALLY someone got there

Then play time was suddenly over

But it's fine with us if she wants to carry on and finish the script, just as long as she stays ah-maz-ing on Twitter!

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