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You Can Now Celebrate Valentine's Day At Hogwarts

by Emmy Griffiths ,
You Can Now Celebrate Valentine's Day At Hogwarts

The good people over at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour have decided to celebrate the most romantic day of the year by hosting a special Valentine event for two days only. Trust us, it looks like there'll be even more love hearts, chocolates and flowers than in Madam Puddifoot's tea shop.

If you're a huge fan of Harry Potter (or are currently dating a Potterhead), this is one Valentine's Day that you and your SO won't forget. For two days only, Warner Bros Studios is giving couples the opportunity to celebrate their love in Hogwarts Great Hall, where not even Dumbledore's formidable gaze from the teacher's table will stop you from enjoying your flower and candle languished table, your amazing three-course meal AND your a private after-hours tour to follow.

Once the door is all done, guests will then head to the castle model (if you haven't been before, imagine a Barbie dream house but in huge Hogwarts form and be prepared to weep your aching heart out), to enjoy tea and coffee while staring at the model wishing it was somehow real and you were somehow heading to Hagrid's house for rock cakes at that very moment. Anyway. We digress.



The tickets will be available this Wednesday and cost a fairly whopping £247pp or £495 for two, but let's face it - those tickets are going to sell like hot cakes! As for all the singletons out there, maybe THIS is the time to pull a Romilda Vane and feeding your crush Amortentia?

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This piece was written by Emmy Griffiths. Take her to Hogwarts on Valentine's Day and tweet her @emmyfg!

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