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Your Summer To Do List: 50 Experiences You Have To Have This Summer

by Lareese Craig ,
Your Summer To Do List: 50 Experiences You Have To Have This Summer

Pina Coladas, lazing under the stars, road trips? Summer's full of opportunities to run wild and free but before you know it, it's time to retreat to your bed like Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka with over-sized blankets and furry legs (that's us by the way, we can't speak for him). Make this summer count with our 50 experiences you absolutely have to have.

Winter sucks. You look like a milk bottle, the gym doesn't have a hope in hell and you can't remember the last time you shaved your pins.

​However, even though you've spent half the year waiting for summer to FINALLY get here, when it does you end up sat on the sofa wondering what the heck to do with your life. So to make sure you get the very best out of yours, here's 50 experiences you HAVE to have this summer.

1. Visit a farm

Nothing beats a trip to the countryside and tiny, precious piglets.

2. Book a fancy getaway for you and the beau

All the Fifty Shades talk of late has got us thinking - it's about time to book in some serious TLC time with the other half. Preferably in a ridiculously fancy hotel, you can even download the movie and take it with you for inspiration. *Must have Red Room availability* wink, wink.

3. Travel somewhere you’ve never been before

Make this summer the one you'll mention in years to come. Jump on a train, book a spontaneous flight, just GO.

4. Go for a night hike

What's better than walking under the stars with the people you love? Name us ONE thing?

5. Do something touristy

Hire a Boris bike? Go to a museum? Wherever you are, getting touristy for the day is guaranteed to make you fall back in love with where you live.

6. Plan a girly picnic

Nothing beats spreading that fancy floral blanket out, unfolding that overpriced hamper of goods and tucking into some scotch eggs in the sun.

7. Throw some shrimps on the barbie with your besties.

Woody, barbecued, prawny goodness. NOM.

8. Have a duvet day with a difference

Just because it's summer doesn't mean you can't stay in bed watching movies all day. If it's hot just take your laptop and bedding outside and tan while you watch. Hey, you can get Fifty Shades of Grey on iTunes after all...Winning.

9. Have your Birkenstocks moment. You've earned it!

Not so much an experience as a way of life. #UglyFeetForever

10. Fill a paddling pool with balloons, invite your friends over and see what happens

We know what will happen. Carnage is what will happen but that's what pool parties are for.

11. Try something extreme

Archery, sword fighting, surfing, a glider plane? There's an Anastasia Steele to be made of you yet.

12. Find a beach and play in the sand

Old school bucket and spades are mandatory. P.S. don't try and be all arty, you know you just want to draw a lil' heart like the rest of us.

13. Go to a rooftop bar

A summer without rooftop tipples is a wasted one my friend.

14. One word: Watermelons

Watermelons are THE BEST, so enjoy them while you can! Be it filling them with vodka for edible cocktails or just chowing down au naturale, do something to make Beyoncé proud.

15. Turn the sprinkler on and get dancin'

Naked? If you must.

16. Order OTT cocktails in the sun

Cut to you with a hair-full of umbrella's thinking you're all cute and boho.​ P.S. lime wedges don't have quite the same effect.

17. Sign up for a 5K with your girl pals

Love it or hate it, roping your girls in for the ride will be your most enjoyable workout yet and all for a good cause!

18. Get green fingers

Now that it's sunny, get out in the garden and start planting some flowers or veg. If you don't have one then there's plenty of window box growers out there or even Urban gardening groups, so no excuses!

19. Make a perfume out of flower petals

Maybe label it if you put in the fridge though. That’s a whole new level of eating green.

20. Go on a rollercoaster

Some of the best memories are created when you're completely terrified. Honest.

21. Chow down on a monstrous burger with fries and slaw

Yeah, you heard us Protein World. It's ALL about foodie festivals in the sunshine so screw that 'bikini body' and EAT.

22. Go to a barn dance

Live music, folk dance, booze. What's not to love?

23. Dedicate your mani to summer

Pineapple nail art anyone?

24. Channel your inner artist

Release your creativity and go outside and paint something pretty.

25. Drink a little too much Pimm's

Well when a jug is cheaper than a glass who could say no?

26. Fly a kite in the park

Singing the entire Mary Poppins soundtrack is optional...

27. Watch a sunset

Prosecco + sunsets. That's the kind of Friday night we can get on board with.

28. Go to a street party

Any opportunity to get your fancy dress on should be taken very seriously - those are the photos that will emerge at your 50th birthday party. Photograph wisely.

29. Dine alfresco

Eating good food with great company and beautiful views is what summer is all about.

30. Find a freshwater lake and swan around in it or do this...

31. Take an outdoor yoga class

Stretch the mind as well as those hamstrings while it's not chucking it down with rain.

32. Get some frisbee going

OK, so you're not 12 years old anymore but seriously why is it so freaking good?!

33. Go tree climbing

Find somewhere remote and go live your sixties hippy dream.

34. Get on the water

Swim in your local Lido, find a row-boat on a lake, or sail somewhere exotic if you can, just find some way of getting out on the water while the weather is HOT.

35. Make a summer scrap book of it all

Sticking and glueing - it's basically therapy.

36. Go to a butterfly house

A caterpillar literally transformed itself for this moment. It's a tropical haven.

37. Have a fire pit party

Get those marshmallows ready for toasting!

38. Get dressed up and go dancing

Did you SEE that scene Fifty Shades? We can't get it out of our heads. The dress, his suit, the music. You owe it yourself to have your own moment.

39. Eat a lot of potato salad

And not even feel guilty for it.

40. Camp out

We know, you haven't camped out since Brownies and there was absolutely NOTHING fun about it. But as soon as you're an adult you're all 'let me not wash for three days again already'.

41. Go zorbing

If you have to Google it then you really need to reconsider what's important in life.

42. Make a slip and slide in your garden

Why has it taken most of our adult life to make this happen?!

43. Go on a road trip

The more spontaneous the better.

44. Get tickets for Wimbledon

Hello champagne, strawbs and impossibly hot men in tennis whites.

45. See a West End show

Take your ma', you'll be her favourite child forever.

46. Make some elderflower cordial

This will NEVER get old.

47. Spend a day carting round your city on 2 wheels

A super-cute basket helps.

48. Get back to the universe and go stargazing

Choose your company wisely. No one wants to get stuck with the smart aleck who turns this into a 'who knows the most about constellations' blah blah blah.

49. Go fruit picking

Pick your own and tan as you go. Winning.

50. Make a sizzling summer playlist

Obviously R Kelly's Ignition HAS to be on there. Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce.

What are your grand plans this summer? Let us know @sofeminineUK!

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