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Numerology is the ancient practice of converting letters into numbers. It is accessible to all and offers avenues/paths for self knowledge to help you live your life to the full.

Where does numerology come from?
Numerology was born 4,000 years ago, probably in Mesopotamia. In ancient times it was the science of numbers. It gave numbers a magical value, unlike arithmetic which only takes into account the quantative value.

Is it a science?
Although it was controversial for a long time, numerology made a comeback in the 20th century. Modern numerologists believe that there is a 'vibrational' link between numbers and all physical matter in our universe. However, scientists have found no evidence of the influence of numbers on destiny or personality.

What is numerology today?
Neither science nor an art of divination, numerololgy is more a method of parapsychological investigation. It doesn’t predict anything, but helps you understand and control your destiny better, alongside your own free judgement. In short, it’s a way of adding value to your strengths and getting more out of life.

How does it work?
Numerology uses the symbolic language of numbers. This language is considered universal and timeless. The idea is that each number, date and name can be represented by the numbers 1 to 9, called numerological numbers. Words are in some ways translated into the language of numeric symbols.

What’s the method?
Dates or numbers are added horizontally as many times as neccessary to obtain one single number. This ‘residual’ number has its own vibration which is used as a base for interpretation. For example, for the year 1987:
1987 = 1+9+8+7=25-2+5=7. The vibration of 1987 is 7. The only exceptions to this system are the numbers 11 and 22 which are the ‘master’ numbers and have their own numerological meaning. Another exception is 0, which is impossible to reduce.

And the letters?
The same system is applied to letters. Each letter has a number according to its place in the alphabet. 1 is A, 2 is B, 3 is C and so on until 9. This system can translate names or words into a coded language, simply by adding numbers to obtain one single number between 1 and 9. Eg: NUMEROLOGY 5+3+4+5+9+6+3+6+7+7=55=5+5=10=1+0=1

A vibration for each number
Each numerological number has a particular vibration
1 - signifies the beginning, masculinity, action, authority
2 - femininity, yin, receptiveness, alliances, sensitivity
3 - creativity, a child in a relationship, expression
4 - work and limitations
5 - freedom and change
6 - beauty, search for balance
7 - mentality, reflection, studies
8 - material progress, construction and destruction, wins and losses
9 - the end and starting over
11 - strength and power
22 - wisdom

Each vibration has its own message
Related to the elements that make up your identity (your name and date of birth), the numbers give you an outline of your psychological profile, indicate your strengths and weaknesses and trace the challenges you face in life. The numbers that carry messages are infinite and have their own names: starting number, interior, exterior, liasion, intimate, etc.
- the intimate number is obtained by adding all the vowels in your common first name and surname at birth. It draws the hidden face of your personality, your private aspirations and your deepest self.
- the number of achievement is calculated from the added consonants of your common first name and surname at birth. This indicates what your plans are and how others see you.

What is your life path?
The most commonly-used number is the life path number, which is your destiny. It represents the depature ‘ground’ on which you ‘grow’ throughout your life. It’s obtained by the addition of your date of birth (the date, the month and the year). If you were born:
in year 1 - you have the soul of a leader
in year 2 - you are dedicated and possess artistic gifts
in year 3 - you like contact with others and look at the funny side of things
in year 4 - you are a worker
in year 5 - you don’t like to stay in one place, you like change and freedom
in year 6 - you have a sense of responsibility
in year 7 - you are intuitive and original
in year 8 - you are quite materialistic and have boundless energy
in year 9 - you are altruistic
in year 11 - you have a strong character
in year 22 - you have extraordinary destiny

Good or bad year?
The calculation of your personal year tells you the climate of the current year, what steps you need to take and barriers you’ll need to cross. It is calculated by reducing day of birth + month of birth + current year. To find out if the year is good or bad, translate your maiden name and your first name into numbers to get your personality number. If you don’t get the number of your personal year then you will have a ‘Karmic’ year. A test awaits you, but it will give you the opportunity to grow and develop your strengths. The interpretation of the message is adjusted according to your age. There are 3 numerological cycles, each around 28 years long, and the years hinge on one another.

Is it possible to do it yourself?
Yes. It’s easy because the basis for calculations are known facts (your name and date of birth)! The method is almost identical to ancient methods. There are many quality books as well as software on the web available. All that remains is the interpretation; be careful with this as however hard we try to be quite objective, it’s natural to retain certain bits of information and gloss over others.

Numerologists are not soothsayers. They know the methodology like the back of their hand and possess a good dose of psychological knowledge. Their art consists of associating the different elements of your numerological reading to help you see more clearly and make the right choices at the right time. Some clairvoyants offer you a numerological reading in their sessions to confirm or define a prediction.

How much does it cost?
The rate depends on how many questions you ask. The calculation of a simple life path and a summary interpretation will cost only a few pounds, however a complete numerological reading could cost £60 or more. Do your research.

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