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EastEnders 01/07 - Max reveals Kirsty's lie

by Francesca Menato ,
EastEnders 01/07 - Max reveals Kirsty's lie© BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide - Monday 1st July


Max is still reeling from everything that's happened with Kirsty and Tanya's choice to leave with Lauren.

After learning that Tanya called to give Abi an update and not him, he's fuming and takes it out on Cora.

Abi's not impressed and lays into him.

He's forced to tell her about Kirsty's lie and she decides to confront Kirsty - loudly.

Max finally goes back to his flat with Kirsty to pick up his stuff. She begs him to stay or tell her he doesn't love her anymore.

He can't bring himself to say it but still collects his things and leaves - the betrayal was too big.

Meanwhile, Ava and Sam a still meeting in secret, little do they know Cora has come over to visit and sees more than she expects when she peeks through the window.

Lucy explains to Joey that Lauren's gone and won't talk to him because she believes that they're a couple.

Joey can't believe it and realises he still loves Lauren, comforting him, Lucy kisses him - how will that go down?

Max tells Abi why he won't be going back to Kirsty's © BBC Pictures
Max tells Abi why he won't be going back to Kirsty's
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