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EastEnders 11/06 - Michael makes a move on Alice!

by Francesca Menato ,
EastEnders 11/06 - Michael makes a move on Alice!© BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide - Tuesday 11th June


Desperate to get Scarlett back Michael goes to the police and when they can't help tells his lawyer to build an abduction case against her.

However, when Alice finds that Janine has left their passports behind he's told they have no case.

He lashes out at Alice again and she tells him he's only treating her this way because he's lost control of the situation.

Alice hits a nerve and Michael shows her exactly who's in control and leads her to the bedroom.

Ian and Lucy end up competing for Peter's loyalty and he ends up taking a job at the fuit and veg stand rather than the restaurant in order to keep the peace.

Back at Tanya's she's still refusing to admit the extent to Lauren's problem.

Max tells her locking her in wont work but she insists all she needs in tough love.

But, after she leaves Abi in charge Lauren ends up sneaking herself a drink again and Tanya finally recognises that her daughter is an alcoholic.

Across town Shirley and Sharon are working together to try to help Dot with her church fundraiser - she has to raise £15,000!

Alice finally gets what she wants from Michael... © BBC Pictures
Alice finally gets what she wants from Michael...
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