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EastEnders 28/06 - Tanya is leaving the square

by Francesca Menato Published on 18 June 2013
EastEnders 28/06 - Tanya is leaving the square© BBC Pictures

EastEnders Episode Guide - Friday 28th June


Abi realises what Tanya is planning and demands that she tell Max before she leaves.

Across the square Max is disgusted with Kirsty and what she's done.

He tells her its over and rushes to Tanya's house.

He comes in and tells her everything about Kirsty's lies, he tells Tanya, she is the love of his life and always has been.

Knowing Tanya won't go through with it Abi demands she say something in front of Max.

With no other option she explains that she is leaving - they have become toxic to one another and their children.

They share a tearful goodbye as Max watches his family fall apart.

Tanya's leaving - for the good of her children © BBC Pictures
Francesca Menato
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