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Emmerdale 17/06 - Paddy starts to suspect Rhona

by Esme Riley ,
Emmerdale 17/06 - Paddy starts to suspect Rhona© ITV

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Monday 17th June


Rhona's nervous about her support group meeting and doesn't know what to say when Paddy asks her to attend a networking event with him. Fortunately, Vanessa steps in and suggests it would clash with Rhona's Pilates class. But Paddy has picked up on a strange vibe and confides in Marlon about her erratic behaviour.

Elsewhere, Rishi feels alone and that he's losing his son, so that Jai can keep hold of Archie. Jai realises he needs to do something fast to reconcile the father, but how will Nikhil take his offer?

​Also, Dan seems taken by Kerry despite all of her flaws and Adam feels awful when he sees her. His day is made worse when he has to let the new farm hand go.

Paddy has his suspicions © ITV
Paddy has his suspicions
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