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Emmerdale 20/06 - Katie finds out the extent of Declan's lies

by Esme Riley ,
Emmerdale 20/06 - Katie finds out the extent of Declan's lies© ITV

Emmerdale Episode Guide - Thursday 20th June


Episode 1

Declan knows Katie wants him to report the bones to the police but he decides to pay the workmen hush money instead. Katie assumes Declan has made the right decision, but he and Megan later panic when she confronts them. She knows he hasn't called them because work is continuing as normal on the glamping site.

Elsewhere, Kerry is planning to go to a 'no win, no fee' lawyer when Dan hands her an anonymous envelope of money that was dropped through the letterbox. Though she's relieved she can avoid lawyer meetings and paperwork, she's worried that the driver knows her identity.

Kerry then decides to head over to the Woolpack in an effort to buy her daughter's love.

Also, Rhona is dressed up in her sports clothes for her fictional Pilates class but doesn't even enter the meeting. Reality hits when she spots another addict.

Episode 2

Katie's wound up by Declan's betrayal and confides in Chas, who presumes she knows about Charity. As Katie rails, Chas quickly realises she doesn't know and leaves before she gets herself into trouble. But Katie's suspicious and later returns to quiz Chas, who ends up telling her about Declan's one night stand.

Katie's distraught and is sickened to hear that Jai and Cameron also know. She plans her revenge.

Elsewhere, Gemma is mortified that Belle has got her revenge by making her termination public knowledge at school. Zak and Lisa are summoned to the school and horrified to find out what Belle has done. Dom is furious and wants Belle expelled.

Also, Kerry makes a move on Dan and Paddy is suspicious when Rhona returns from her 'Pilates class' looking dreadful.

Katie's set to find out the truth about Declan © ITV
Katie's set to find out the truth about Declan
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