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What do the terms clairvoyant and astrologist mean? Who are these different mediums and what are their specialisms? Here’s a quick look at professionals who claim that they can read the future, see the past and see into your personality.

What is a medium?
Medium means in the middle. A a medium is an intermediary person, between two worlds: the earth and sky, the material and spiritual, the dead and the living. Mediums communicate with spiritual entities, guides that put them on a spiritual path of generosity, elevation and perfection.
If this doesn't happen, and the medium is put on an unfavourable path, he/she will be in touch with dark entities and will need to clear her soul of these and stop mediating, at least for a while.
Usually the medium is strong enough to acheive this. Mediums are clear, consistent and wise, seeking only good for others, so that they don't have to deal with any negative forces the medium may encounter.

Being a medium entails no power: a medium is an ordinary man or woman. Their natural empathy, sensitivity and strong psychic force allow them to see or hear what others cannot. The client decides the direction: the medium is there to transmit what the entities say and not to advise one way or another. The medium is just an intermediary who captures others' energy. Mediums don't use any material support (cards, pendulums, tarot etc). During certain sessions, the medium can enter a trance that lasts a few minutes, and then describe things such as past or future events.

A clairvoyant is a medium, but more of a psychic. The clairvoyant clearly sees situations from the past, present and future. They function in the same way as the unconscious does, and cannot distinguish between the 3 states (past, present and future). The medium sees places, scenes and situations and has powerful intuition, but the clairvoyant has a problem with time: what they see could happen in 6 months or a year.

Instead of seeing, clairaudients listen .They claim to hear the names of people and places distinctly, and receive very clear and precise messages which they don’t always know how to interpret but must transmit accurately to the client so they see the relevance.

Psychics are clairvoyants and clairaudients. They see, perceive, hear, feel and sense, entering into total osmosis with the client. From the client’s unconscious, they draw out major life events and important people in their lives. They must be able to sense the client’s life situation very clearly: this is the first criteria of a good psychic. Psychics often use symbolic supports that help heighten the 6th sense, which presents a difficulty aligning what they see with time. What they see is often immediate to them because they capture major life events and important steps the client must take. This happens to psychics like a fast forwarded film, so the mystery lies in when the events will happen...

Mediums and death
Mediums never talk about death because no one can tell us when we will die. Death is, like birth, the mystery of life, and no one can predict it. Some types of mediums communicate with spirits of the dead, often using photos or objects that belonged to the dead person. Ouija boards are also used to try and communicate with the dead, but these can be very dangerous and aren't advised for everyone. We're in the realm of the living; the world of the dead is not our world.

Beware apprentice witches who can terrify you with their spiritualism and mediation. Mediums need to understand themselves well, be dedicated to what's good and be objective. People who charge large sums of money aren't mediums but con artists.

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