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Do You Have Typical Aquarius Personality Traits?! Here's All You Need To Know

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Do You Have Typical Aquarius Personality Traits?! Here's All You Need To Know© Getty

After the stodgy, delicious Quality Street-fused month of December comes January, the perfect time for the airy Aquarius! Were you born between 21st January - 20th February? Read everything you'll ever need to know about your fabulously creative, intelligent and passionate star sign here...

  1. · Here's our in-depth guide to the Aquarius star sign (21 January - 20 February).
  2. · About You
  3. · Mr Right Is Mr Aquarius
  4. · Symbolic image of the sign
  5. · Other Information
  6. · Check out the celebs who share your star sign!

Here's our in-depth guide to the Aquarius star sign (21 January - 20 February).

About You

If you are an Aquarius this typically means that you have no problem speaking your mind but this is NEVER a bad thing. Since you're usually bursting with unusual and creative ideas, you have a solid reputation of being able to think outside the box.

You pride yourself as being just a little bit interested in everything, and love to talk about science and philosophy in particular. You're pretty consistent in your ideas and it takes a lot to persuade you otherwise but be sure to stick to your guns, since you usually turn out to be right in the end! Aquarius inventors Galileo, Edison and Darwin certainly did!

You can be a little naive at times, but only because you are so genuine yourself that you believe there is good in everyone!

You can be wildly unpredictable and always surprise people with your unusual reaction. This can be a little exasperating though, and you have a bit of a reputation for being a walking contradiction.

In life

You love to work in a team, mixing with others on projects or research. You're also pretty psychologically tuned in, meaning that you'll always do well in jobs which require investigative and listening skills. However, you constantly worry about looking after others and not yourself, and you're right to worry! Go and pamper yourself more!

You could have a truly fascinating career if you ditched the day job as your imagination would serve you well in an unusual line of work, which is all well and good as you get bored extremely quickly when routine sets in.

In love

You're clueless when it comes to love, and it can be serious frustrating for your SO, particularly as you see him as the idea of what you would like for him to be rather than who he really is. You're an idealistic and imaginative person, and that's great, but don't try to change your man or he'll just get sick of it, and so will you. If you're unhappy with the real deal rather than the man you want him to be, it's time to move on.

You love the beginning of a relationship, and are romantic enough to exchange passionate letters and have long telephone conversations. You can be a little changeable though, and may separate with an ex only to be back with him after a couple of months! It's all good fun, but sooner or later you need to decide what you really want.

Surprisingly, the single life may suit you more than anything else!

Mr Right Is Mr Aquarius

If your fella is an Aquarius, this usually means he’s slim, has an aura of kindness about him and hates any overwrought drama. If you ever get into a fuss about the state of your hair or the fact he didn't put the seat down on the loo for the millionth time, he will simply turn elsewhere until you've calmed down. The boy only gets wound up about the big things, and that's good! He knows little aggression and will trust you implicitly so don't mess him around! He loves the great outdoors and gets all gooey eyed when he talks about astronomy so be ready to support his ventures. He's a born inventor and is always ready with a nifty answer to all of life's problems!

In life

He likes all that’s new and original. Yep, if you're with an Aquarius you're typically with a technology-obsessed geek, but that's okay. His enthusiasm is catching, and you can't help but learn more than you'd ever intended from him about science, biology, technology and IT. It also means he has an amazing creative side and can be a bloomin' fantastic writer, just like his Aquarian ancestors Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll, Robert Burns and Francis Bacon. Aquarius boasts the greatest number of geniuses: Mozart, Schubert and Manet, to name a few.

If your man uses his creativity to play Call of Duty all the live long day rather than take up his mantle as a writing aficionado, don't be too discouraged. So-called “normal” men born under this sign are brimming with astuteness and dexterity as well as discovery. They like to do things their own way and have a great need for independence and freedom so for Gods sake don't try to force them into anything as you won't get thanked for it! They are often outstanding artisans, artists, photographers or investigative journalists.

In love

It all gets complicated once you start talking about love with Mr Aquarius. He likes nothing more than his beloved freedom and doesn’t understand why you need to be an official item. It doesn't mean he's not 'into' you, he just gets seriously uncomfortable on the topic and always needs to squirm out of conversations about marriage or commitment. Just keep things laid back and he'll be happy.

He’s a charmer, not a misogynist in any way and a massive fan of children, so if you ever do tie him down you know he'll be a brilliant Dad! Just watch it though, since this feeling to avoid being tied down to one person can often mean that your Aquarian man will stray.

Symbolic image of the sign

The Aquarius symbol is related to the Deluge myth that we find in numerous cultures in which a God sends a mighty flood in revenge of mankind's failing (yep, Noah and his Ark is one such myth).

​However, it also relates to the symbolic transition of man, .i.e. after the flood in which Noah saved the animals by two, God made mankind afresh, taking them away from the egocentric perception of his personality (typically Leo, sorry all the Lions out there!), to the broadened wisdom of all things (AKA Aquarius). So congratulations Aquarius, you're literally God's image of perfection! Gold stars all around!

Other Information

Element: air

Sign: masculine

Ruling planet: Uranus

Body parts: legs, circulatory system

Age: in 70s

Key phrase: we love

Complementary and opposing sign: Leo

Metals: uranium and chromium

Colour: violet

Scent: vetiver

Day: Friday

Time period: January/February

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