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Cancer personality traits and information

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Cancer personality traits and information

The sun is at its zenith, the highest point in the sky: summer solstice. Cancer, a water sign, always looks back on childhood and the past, often with remote, subconscious intentions. Cancers feel before they think, act on instinct, are very intuitive and could almost be a psychic or medium.

Here's our in-depth guide to the Cancer star sign (22 June - 23 July).

Element: Water

Sign: feminine

Ruling planet: the Moon

Body parts: breasts and stomach

Age: fertile youth

Key phrase: I am

Complementary and opposing sign: Capricorn

Metal: silver

Colour: white and blue

Scent: orange blossom

Time period: June/July

Symbolic image of the sign
Cancer has a special relationship with water: it’s a crab that hides under a thick shell that protects it from the outside world. Cancer has a range of different characteristics. They're very sensitive and touchy. They feel vulnerable, so they try and protect themselves and reassure themselves to compensate for it. But they're not fooling anyone: they aren't as fragile as they lead us to believe. They have powerful claws, are stubborn and opinionated.

Mr Cancer
Cancer has two faces, like the two faces of the moon. One generally has a round and open face with very big eyes. The other is longer, with anxiety and extreme clarity of gaze. Both are charming, delicate, tender and child-like.

In life
Imagination and living the dream is important to Mr Cancer. You may find him in artistic professions like photography, painting, writing, poetry and cinema. Being linked to the moon, he has a very good relationship with the crowd and the public as well as women and children. He could be a teacher, psychologist or paediatrician, and could be involved in social work or childcare.

In love
He’s a tender, romantic man who understands women more than most. He gives affection, attention and kind words. His kindness makes him a wonderful partner. He loves to love and to give love, which means he has a tendency to cheat, especially in his youth. Later on in life, he settles down and struggles to get out of his comfort zone. He'll happily dream about exotic travels, on the comfort of his sofa!

Miss Cancer
She's pretty, tender and gentle-looking, with big eyes that are always surprised or admiring. She looks fragile but isn't: she's a strong, maternal, generous person who likes nothing better than helping others. If she doesn’t have children, she'll be a creator or a visionary.

In life
Like Mr Cancer, Miss Cancer suits professions related to caring for other women or children. She could work in childcare, children's medicine, teaching, psychology or nursing, and she'd be good at working with troubled teenagers. Miss Cancer is very comfortable in her ultra-feminine sign and makes a great mother.

In love
She's the sort to make a home, get married and have children. She'll always choose her family over her career without a second thought. If her father was an idealist or absent, she’ll choose older men to make up for the lack of a father figure when she was younger. She will only flourish in this type of relationship if her man has the intelligence to let her off the leash, as Cancers love travelling and seeing their friends.

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