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Libra personality traits and information

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Libra personality traits and information

Libra is the first sign of autumn located in the autumn equinox, when the days are equal to the nights. Libra knows how to balance the days and nights and is a being of harmony, permanently searching for the central point. We say that they are incapable of making a choice as they search only for fairness. Negotiation, concession, compromise and diplomacy are key words. In reality, Libras speak more than they actually act!

Here's our in-depth guide to the Libra star sign (23 September - 22 October).

Element : Air

Sign: masculine

Ruling planet: Venus

Body part: kidneys

Age: youth to maturity

Key phrase: we are

Complementary and opposing sign: Aries

Metal: copper

Colour: pastels

Scent: jasmine

Time period: August/September

Symbolic image of the sign

As an instrument of measurement, those born under this sign often show this incessant duality from deep within their being. We often forget that Libra, although a masculine sign, is governed by Venus, its master and role model. Venus/Aphorodite does not reveal her shape generously: she is less sensual and voluptuous, but more well-known, esthetic and refined, sentimental and romantic.

Mr Libra

An elegant man with a charming smile, who is a good listener. He has a well-defined mouth. Like all those born under the sign, he lives with dependence, attaches great importance to others' judgement, and uses all his energy trying to be appreciated by interesting people.

In life

What he loves above all is to be surrounded by beautiful things: you'll find him at art galleries, antique shows or DIY shops. He’s interested in fashion and beauty and has talent - he'd make an excellent fashion designer, tailor, hairdresser or beautician. Diplomatic careers and all mediation and negotiation posts would suit him. He can be an excellent judge, as he is honest and sensitive. He uses his intuition to go beyond appearances and discover others' true intentions.

In love

His sentimental life is complicated for one simple reason: he hates causing pain and can never say no. He is also capable of having several realationships at the same time and suffering the consequences! In all cases, final decisions won't come from him - and that’s all he wishes for. He prefers to be dumped and not to leave someone he loves and values; this seems to make no sense to him.

Miss Libra

She has charm, finesse and beauty! She has something about her that seduces everyone she meets, men and women alike. Even if she is very slim she will never be skinny; she'll always have shape, and she has a childlike manner that adds to her appeal. However, she is very selfish and never goes without for anything or anyone.

In life

More of a fighter than Mr Libra, she can hold positions of responsiblity because of her natural seduction and she knows how to use intelligence and psychology. However, she has difficulty being her own boss and prefers to be second in command. She's a shrewd and precise co-worker. She loves her social life, nights out, going out to the theatre and being seen.

In love

A conformist with a middle-class background, Miss Libra aspires to marriage and will do all she can to get her man down the aisle if she admires and loves him! She's not the type of woman who can be alone. She will have difficulty divorcing, only because of her fear of being alone. She prefers to close her eyes when she walks out of the door and seeks revenge in an often cruel way.

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