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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read May's Forecast For Aries!

by Pascale Day ,
Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read May's Forecast For Aries!

Making the most of new opportunities is a huge boost to your self-esteem

Readjusting some of your day-to- day priorities will have amazing results. But on the5th a financial scenario needs looking into, as unwanted risks could be involved. The time has come to aim for value for money. A close friend’s advice may be hard-line,but will help you refine your approach and strike the best deal. Some very special rewards may be closer than you think, so listen to the voice of reason around the 18th.Much will be gained with a clear head and using all the charm you have in spades.Work could be exactly where you hit the jackpot in late May, but you’ll need to work at it.

Sex and Relationships

You have plenty of energy for love, but perhaps for lovers’ tiffs too... Around midmonth disagreements about practicalities could be a blessing in disguise if you don’t push things too far. Information is power in every sense, as someone is more than willing to treat you as you truly deserve.

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