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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read August's Forecast For Aries!

by Pascale Day Published on 01/08/2016 at 06:00
Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read August's Forecast For Aries!

It’s time to face any dilemmas between what you want and what you actually need...

Quick thinking, including bold new ideas, has the power to transform your life at work.You’ll earn the reputation you want and by having a stronger voice you’ll smooth out various tricky scenarios. Around mid-month one pitfall is trying to micro-manage everyone, including a boss… Cash issues may be unpredictable but pleasant surprises are also in the mix. You’ll gain ground this summer and be rewarded in unexpected ways. A turn of fortunes in late August is a gift if you remain flexible. You may feel torn between new options as they arise, but great opportunities will take you far if approached with care.

Sex and Relationships

Reconciling personal differences with a potential lover will mean you reveal amazing personal reserves. You’ll also discover another person’s secret strengths… Romantic revelations are full of thrills, and you’ll be especially magnetic during the most relaxed holiday activities.

Pascale Day
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