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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read February's Forecast For Taurus!

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 1 February 2016

Decide what you need as well as what you want, and you’ll feel liberated.

You are ready for most challenges, and your innate sense of realism will pay off, especially when you see how much it’s appreciated at work. If you are tempted to play safe, bear in mind that going for some riskier goals promises the greatest satisfaction, and is within your grasp. Your approach to money changes midmonth, even though you must confront old problems to fulfil your dreams. By the 24th showing respect for those you rely on will promote your interests even further. Around the 28th make sure you are being true to yourself and then your capacity for success will have no limits.

Sex and Relationships

Expect new beginnings in relationships, which means being true to yourself. It’s possible that you’ll feel torn between a fantasy and a down-to-earth reality that isn’t overtly romantic. If looking for love, opportunities could turn your head… Yet it’s no time for fixed demands as soul-mates aren’t always quite what you expect.

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