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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read June's Forecast For Pisces!

by Pascale Day Published on 5 June 2017

Ideas take off when you catch the ball and run with it; then you’ll feel truly up to speed

You now need to revisit schemes you have shelved to get to the bottom of how they can succeed. It sometimes seems like ‘all talk and no action’, but by the 7th an appealing project may well emerge. Putting yourself out there will make headway, and you will see how your courage comes up trumps when dealing with unknown quantities. Midmonth brings a dramatic surge of energy, and being a pioneer ironically means raking over old ground. On the 22nd heated exchanges show you how others really feel too. Discussions on all levels are intense, but the treasures you’ll unearth are well worth working up a sweat for.

Sex and Relationships

Someone you adore will spur you on to victory…You’ll weave your magic and realise that someone else’s mind has potent pulling power. An imaginative person helps keep you positive. Be prepared for a personal turning-point when communication is loaded with some deeper dimensions. This will be mysterious on all levels and super-sexy on some…

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