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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read June's Forecast For Sagittarius!

by Pascale Day Published on 1 June 2016

However fiercely independent you are, it’s time to embrace the spirit of compromise

As usual you are determined to make life as adventurous as possible... Yet you mustalso tie up some more mundane loose ends. Patience really will prove to be a virtue,so maintain a steady pace and resist the urge to run before you can walk. A close allymay play a wild card with repercussions for your personal goals too, and on the 17th aheart-to- heart transforms this connection beyond your dreams. Soon the excitingpossibilities you have longed for will be within reach. Events after the 27th help youmove faster and even cash complications can be clarified relatively quickly.

Sex and Relationships

Allow one close relationship to shed fresh light on your desires and needs - you’llattract towards you some mind blowing attention. There is no need to feel shy aboutsaying your piece to someone, as the feedback you’ll get will be enlightening. Awhole new perspective on love makes you feel great.

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by Pascale Day