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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read March's Forecast For Aquarius!

by Emmy Griffiths Published on 1 March 2016

Change comes as a result of your people skills, for your own and for a greater good.

Get set to pursue creative outlets, although rash moves could backfire. A personal fresh start beckons, with opportunities galore, so zoom in on your favourites. You’ll amaze others, although extreme tactics may alienate some, suggesting you make the most of your people skills. A joint venture poses challenges - someone is judgmental, but they may make a point that proves invaluable. After the 22nd all kinds of assets are highlighted; face any overdue money matters, as problems could vanish before your eyes. No one is more surprised than you by a radical move – it speaks of a brand new you.

Sex and Relationships

Intense social activity impacts on your romantic life. The mood is lively and conflict is possible, but will lead to a personal breakthrough. A meeting in late March is heaven-sent, so is bound to pep things up - you’ll embrace and thrive on this. It will become clear that self-belief is the hottest aphrodisiac...

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