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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read May's Forecast For Aquarius!

by Pascale Day Published on 1 May 2016

Home-life may be demanding, yet a skilful juggling act ensures a career breakthrough

Guidance comes from an influential person this May and from the 11th you’ll know your work priorities. Feeling motivated and being courageous in terms of your ambitions brings unexpected success, but someone needs encouragement to accept the daring plans you may have in mind. A heart-to- heart that tackles your differences proves effective, but tempers may flare up around the 23rd. By the 31st spontaneous fun involving those you team up with is well-deserved. Going for what feels right automatically wins anyone round who might have questioned you at first.

Sex and Relationships

Others may compete for your attention, meaning you are spoiled for choice at times…With a little patience you’ll be able to transform the relationship that means the most to you. From midmonth new life will be breathed into close encounters and this could lead to fiery consequences in some quarters.

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by Pascale Day