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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read November's Forecast For Gemini!

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read November's Forecast For Gemini!

Recent dreams and schemes have had a giddying impact, but your purpose is being defined

You’ll take ambitious strides forward - the bolder, the better. You need nerve for this but the challenge is reenergising. Your mind fires on all cylinders midmonth, yet you have a nagging feeling that some plans could fizzle out. Doubts now merely serve to fine-tune decisions later. You’ll make your mark on any project, yet for maximum effect you must stretch yourself. Financial transactions require care, as events tempt you to splash out - economies prove wiser. Conserving your assets paves your way. At a deeper level this represents the value of self-respect – if you are discriminating you’ll prove your weight in gold.

Sex and Relationships

Anticipate heated declarations, loaded with significance and don’t underestimate how well someone reads you. Via speaking the truth you’ll transform a relationship. Speculation leads to accumulation in an intimate way if you beware of over-idealism. Knights on chargers make fantastic claims, but grasp reality by the horns and you’ll rescue yourself...

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