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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read October's Forecast For Capricorn!

by Pascale Day Published on 1 October 2016

Connections develop at a pace, but digging deep reveals what others are really made of

A workmate has hidden talents and this involves compatible minds. Collaborations are established and you don’t need to jump through hoops for this. On the 13th discipline helps achieve a goal and feelings of inadequacy are pointless. With focus, the rewards will more than justify your efforts. The secret to success is being true to yourself, and your motivation will shine through in vital teamwork. But controversial views will be aired. From the 20th being innovative works, so aim high, as you’ll quash anyone’s doubts. You’ll have inspired cash-making schemes and overturn priorities. It’s time to plant new career seeds.

Sex and Relationships

Get set to plunge into emotional depths, as the truth holds erotic potential. By mid-month you can deal with tougher underlying motives and soon circumstances will be more honest in love. Someone insists on analysing your feelings and some of this is a surprise to you.Relationships are especially intuitive so don’t mislead an admirer...

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