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Your Free Monthly Horoscope: Read October's Forecast For Sagittarius!

by Pascale Day Published on 1 October 2016

Sudden events may mean a windfall of some kind - money or precious praise

You’ll discover new attitudes to shared resources, with a few surprises. Some treasures are mysteriously hidden. Soon you’ll find your way towards gains in cash and/or creativity. From the 10th a future vision hits the spot, but you must play a long-game for results worth having.By the 21st fuzzy financial deals need scrutinising, and a revelation results from earlier investments. Growing self-belief helps you expand. You do mean business, but steer clear of undermining a boss. New dreams and schemes are a godsend but it’s wise to weigh up the pros and cons of risky ideas, and face reality. By the 30th listen to someone’s wise words.

Sex and Relationships

You’ll appreciate how much you are valued, and discover another’s inner strengths. However, you could make rash decisions about someone, so look before you leap.Psychological depth is about to emerge. This month partnerships teach you volumes, yet try to accept that healthy conflict is part and parcel of personal progress.

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