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Wednesday Wisdom: Quotes From Monica Lewinsky On Cyberbullying

by Carla Cain Walther Published on 22 October 2014

Listen up! The Monica Lewinsky of today is about to drop some wisdom!

Despite her impressive pedigree - her father is an oncologist and her mother is an author - Monica Lewinsky has not been allowed to do anything of note for over a decade. Why? Because of a regrettable decision she made at 22-years-old.

​​After her infamous affair with Bill Clinton was discovered in the late 90s, she was burned with a scarlet letter by the relentless and unforgiving media. She did interviews, peddled diet plans for Jenny Craig, and designed a confusing handbag line before retreating to London to get away from the media machine and earn a Master's degree in Psychology from the London School of Economics.

Well, Monica Lewinsky is re-introducing herself to the public. This week she spoke out against cyberbullying at the Forbe's Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia, ending her self-imposed silence.​

Read our favourite pearls of wisdom from Monica Lewinsky on the insidious consequences of online humilation.

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