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Turns Out Skipping Your Lunch Break Is Adding Some Serious Time Onto Your Working Year

by Pascale Day ,
Turns Out Skipping Your Lunch Break Is Adding Some Serious Time Onto Your Working Year© We Heart It

If you think about it, really think about it, when was the last time you took a proper, hour-long lunch break? Went out in the sun, brought yourself a fancy sandwich. Listened to an awesome podcast or hung out with a friend. Sometimes it is truly difficult to take a moment away from your desk, but you need to do it, for crying out loud - because it turns out you're working entire days for free.

Research conducted by Workthere.com studied 2,007 Brits to figure out their office eating habits, and it turns out a sad desk sandwich or tupperware pot of cold pasta next to your computer is way more common than we thought, with 52% of participants saying they sacrifice their lunch at least once a week, and over a third said they never leave the office at lunchtime.



In fact, according to the research, the average British worker only takes 34 minutes a day for their lunch - just over half of the allotted time most are given. You can't even finish a glass of alfresco lunchtime wine in that time! Anyway, Refinery29 did the maths and worked out how much that time not taken actually amounts up to. Here's how they did it: minus holidays, there are 232 working days in the year. 232 multiplied by all the extra time you spend working and not eating lunch a day equals an extra 100 hours and 53 minutes of overtime that you're not paid for. What the fuuu.....



And yes, sure, we're a bunch of work-hard professionals who don't know when to stop, but there's other factors that are forcing workers to work through their lunch break, such as as workplace pressure or the lack of a quiet area to go eat in.

So instead of eating in the office today, take your desk sandwich into the sunshine and catch some rays - after all, you've got a hundred hours of overtime to take.

Have you been eating lunch at your desk? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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