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Find your dream job: 5 of the best job search apps

by Lareese Craig ,
Find your dream job: 5 of the best job search apps© Tumblr

Ever feel like your dream job is slipping away from you? Or maybe you don't even know where to start looking. Before you lose sleep over CVs, references and nailing that interview, we've got five of the best job search apps to help you find the right job for you. A career at the click of a button, new vacancy alerts and personalised feeds... seems pretty dreamy to us!

  1. · Jobandtalent
  2. · Careerbuilder
  3. · LinkUp
  4. · Monster
  5. · Proven

Job hunting can be super stressful at the best of times, trawling through vacancy after vacancy without seeing anything that really fits your skills and experience, and when you do find a job you like the sound of, in this competitive market there's a chance you might not hear a peep.

All in all, job searching can be a hard experience but it can't be all bad.

Enter the wonderful, instant, hassle-free world of apps...

Finding the perfect position is often the hardest (and dullest) part of your job search, but with these apps you'll be hitting 'apply' quicker than you can say hired.

With this nifty selection you can check out new jobs that match your profile on the go, wherever you are - you'll never have to miss an exciting opportunity again.

Sorting the second rate careers from your dream job criteria has never been easier. Happy hunting!

Marilyn Monroe: “A career is wonderful, but you can't curl up with it on a cold night”


Jobandtalent is a Europe and US-wide mobile recruitment app that aims to revolutionise the mobile recruitment space. Instead of having to actively search for keywords and positions, the app delivers users a personalised feed of suitable vacancies from across the Internet. (Manual searches can be done by users too).

Users receive push notifications as and when a relevant vacancy comes up, no matter where it is listed online. They can apply directly through jobandtalent using the ‘Apply for Me’, streamlining the whole job search and application process.

The app is free, but users do pay a fee for the ‘apply for me’ application process (£0.69).


Forget endless online applications, questions and pop-ups, the careerbuilder app cuts out all the hassle of job hunting.

This handy app gives you instant access to search and apply for thousands of job openings from your iOS device.

Track jobs you've viewed, applied for and emailed or share jobs with friends using your favourite social networking site.

You can even check out the competition and see how you compare to other candidates applying to the same job. It's a dog eat dog world out there!


LinkUp's mobile application brings the web’s highest quality, fastest growing job search engine to your smartphone. The unique search engine, updated daily, lists only jobs that are found on company websites.

This one's for the more-speed-less-haste job hunters out there. You can receive alerts as soon as favourite jobs are closed by the employer, and can email relevant jobs to yourself and friends. You can even save searches to email alerts and be notified of all new matching jobs.

The best part... it's a freebie!

Totally worth a download wouldn't you say?


This one's also available on iTunes so it's another easy app to get to grips with.

Monster job search allows for quick, simple and convenient job searching so you can browse dream job opportunities in a matter of seconds.

Key features include being able to access your Monster account, CVs, cover letters and job applications with the click of a button, receive mobile notifications for new jobs that fit your criteria and there's even a built-in GPS to search for jobs near you.

You can also edit cover letters on the go - watch out for those typos on auto-correct though.


Proven job search is an award-winning app that helps you find and apply to the latest jobs on Craigslist and other job sources.

Beat the competition by accessing new jobs as soon as they're listed, refresh your page instantly and apply to different types of jobs with different versions of your CV and cover letter.

You can store and create as many resumes as you like to make sure each job application is up to date and addressed to the right person. Ahem - not that we've ever made THAT mistake.

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Lareese Craig
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