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Hump Day? Again? How To Survive A Really Bad Day

by Vivian KELLY ,
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Having a downright miserable day? We've all been through it. Your inbox is full to the brim, your computer keeps crashing and even your favourite sushi is sold out for lunch. It's rough, we know, but it's surprising how we let the small stuff get the best of us at times. If you're having a horrendous day here's how to make it all better - fast.

  1. · Vent, vent, vent.
  2. · Work-out.
  3. · Lighten up and laugh.
  4. · Hug someone.
  5. · Indulge in your guilty pleasure.
  6. · When you feel sad, dance.
  7. · Pamper yourself.
  8. · Find time to reflect.
  9. · Watch your favourite show or movie.
  10. · Put those worries to bed.

Here are 10 sure-fire ways to boost your mood and lighten your day.

1. Vent, vent, vent.

Having a pity party everyday is not the way to get over a bad day (you need help). But, it is perfectly acceptable to vent every once and a while, after all, we're only human. There’s no point pretending like you’re happy all the time when you’re not. Turn to friends and family and tell them how you feel. Honestly, the people close to us always have the best things to say and whether or not the problem gets fixed you’ll definitely be feeling more cheery or at the very least they'll help you crack a smile!

2. Work-out.

The last thing you wanna do when you’re having a crappy day is do any form of physical exercise, but hear us out. Blowing off some steam and assaulting a punching bag does make you feel pretty damn good. Just imagine the person (or thing) that brought down your day standing in front of the punching bag. Whoops. Feeling better? (If you can't get to a punch bag, try hitting your pillow - it works wonders.)

3. Lighten up and laugh.

Having friends and family are the reason we smile everyday so it only makes sense to turn to them when we’re feeling low. Spend time chatting to your best friend or sister and tell them about your day. Before you know it you’ll be laughing so hard your tummy hurts. Case in point? There’s nothing like family and friends to make you feel better.

4. Hug someone.

Bring out the happy in you with a hug. It’s not only children that need a cuddle to make them feel better, adults need them just as much. Hugs stimulate production of the feel-good neurotransmitter oxytocin connecting you with people and making you feel loved and more positive. Group hug anyone?

5. Indulge in your guilty pleasure.

May we suggest a quick dash to the shops? Every girl knows a bit of retail therapy can cure just about anything. If the cash doesn’t stretch why not bake a cake? Have a glass of your favourite wine? Or get a massage (free of charge) from your boyfriend? It’s fail safe way to forget about your troubles.

6. When you feel sad, dance.

Have you ever seen people dancing with sad looks on their face? No. Of course not, you’re usually accompanied by family and friends (and few empty champagne glasses), laughing, smiling and generally having an awesome time. These kind of moments should never be left for special occasions - everyday is a celebration so get up and start busting some moves. Those happy endorphins will help relieve stress, keep you smiling and overall lift your day.

7. Pamper yourself.

Your skin, body, and mind will never forget to thank you for a bit of TLC. Whether you hit the spa for a relaxing body massage or do it yourself with a natural pot of yogurt and cucumber eyes, pampering will always make you feel better. Putting your body and mind at rest and escaping from everyday troubles will help ease your frustration and hopefully make you forget them altogether! And did we mention feeling and looking a lot more beautiful?

8. Find time to reflect.

Ok, so no one wants to slump around and think about their crummy day, but through reflection you can assess what wrong, what you did and what you could do next time. Once you realize your mistakes you can learn to avoid them in the future, which ultimately will make you a much happier and wiser person all-round. Try writing down the things that bother you and then try writing the things that make you happy too. Focus on how to bring more of the latter into your life.

9. Watch your favourite show or movie.

Depressing day? There’s nothing like putting on a box-set of SATC, Friends or planning a movie marathon when you’re in need of some major cheering up. Best of all? This involves; Friends, family, guilty pleasures (ahem ice-cream) and tons of laughs. The best recipe for happiness. Ever.

10. Put those worries to bed.

If no one is around or you’re not in a chatty mood the answer is simple, sleep girl! You’ll instantly feel better and more refreshed when you wake up. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Vivian KELLY
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