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Wave goodbye to the WAGs

by Ursula Dewey ,
Wave goodbye to the WAGs© Rex Features/REX/SIPA

WAGS - are they good role models? While WAGs appear to be living the dream, it's time to wake up and face reality. WISPs (women who are inspiring, successful and powerful) are the ones we should really look up to!

Ah, the WAG lifestyle: dating hot footballers, shopping most of the week, designer outfits in our wardrobes, immaculate manicures... sounds OK so far!

Nonetheless, WAGs have earned themselves a bit of bad reputation. Capello called them “a virus” and Cheryl Tweedy referred to them as a “higher class of scrounger”, yet a recent report said “the majority of young women aged between 21 and 25 aspire to being a WAG rather than a power broking executive".

It seems that a lot of us are after an easy ride to a luxury lifestyle. At soFeminine.co.uk, we think WAG wannabe’s ought to be thinking of ways that they can achieve their own successes and dreams. By all means benefit from your premier league partners surplus earnings but at least have a vocation or a hobby - and no "shopping" and "socialising" do not count.

WAGS are seen by some as role models in their own right, especially those who've found dream jobs on the back of their boyfriends' name: a fashion line, tv show or magazine column. But what about the women who achieve all this and more, without the help of a well known BAH (boyfriends and husbands)?

Perhaps it’s time to move on from WAG role models and face up to the fact that for most of us, getting to the top takes time, effort and hard work.

In with the WISPs

More inspirational and realistic type of female role models would be much more empowering. So it's out with the WAGS, and in with the WISPs, that is - Women who are Inspiring, Successful and Powerful!

These are women that have used their own charms to get to the top - their sex appeal, their business sense, their determination and drive.

The WISP list features the likes of lingerie business woman, Michelle Mone, fashion guru, Natalie Massenet, ethical Coco de Mer owner, Sam Roddick, football manager, Karen Brady and Apprentice winner and entrepreneur, Michelle Dewberry.

Michelle, who now runs her own consultancy and website, chiconomise.com, said to MSN: “A WAG by definition isn’t a career choice and I’m proud to be considered a WISP. It shows that I’m recognised for my accomplishments rather than what team my man plays for or how I look.”

'I understand that young girls want to live a glamorous and happy lifestyle and being a WAG can be seen as a way to accomplish this but it’s important to remember that successful women who have worked hard to achieve their goals should be the people we look up to.”

We can definitely agree with that!

Ursula Dewey
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