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Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan in fake topless picture shock

by Esme Riley ,
Coronation Street's Michelle Keegan in fake topless picture shock© Getty

Michelle Keegan's admirers were gutted last night when it emerged an apparent raunchy photo of the gorgeous actress was fake. The Corrie star had been the victim of a friend's prank - but she took it in good spirits and passed it off as "banter". Wonder what boyfriend Mark Wright thinks!

Michelle Keegan's Instagram followers were shocked last night when the soap star appeared to post an X-rated topless photo of herself onto the site.

​The image showed a naked girl - with chest on full display - soaking in the bath.

​At the same time, Michelle tweeted a photo of herself in the bath, with only her toes on display.

​She wrote: "Now... I'm happy ☺ #chilltime #metime #abouttime."

​The raunchy photo was deleted seconds after it was uploaded onto Instagram - but not before many of her fans were able to re-post it.

​It quickly emerged that a friend of Michelle's had played a joke on her and signed into her Instagram account.

​Michelle, 25, tweeted: "Phahahahahahahahaha @hmonners I'm gonna absolutely KILL u!!!! I'm CHANGING MY PASSWORD!! #touché u gave as good a u got! ."

​Michelle's admirers were quick to air their disappointment at the news the photo was a fake.

​One wrote: "Everyone,you can calm down now its not @michkeegan 's chest. #SickJoke i was gonna frame that pic like…."

​Another said: "Worst news ive had in a long time finding out they didnt belong to you #gutted".

​Michelle - whose won the title of Sexiest Soap Star numerous times - took it all in good spirit and passed it off as a bit of "banter".

​And the actress' agent Laura Graham confirmed: "Her friend got her passwords."

​Michelle's friend Hayley Moynihan seemed pretty happy with her prank.

​She tweeted: "@michkeegan hahahaha I told you don't mess with the best cause the best don't mess!!! #evenstevens xx."

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