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Jennifer Aniston wedding: Actress addresses media hype around her big day

by Francesca Menato ,
Jennifer Aniston wedding: Actress addresses media hype around her big day© GETTY

It's one of the most hotly awaited celebrity weddings of the year. With only ex-husband Brad Pitt to compete with for hype, Jennifer Aniston saw the funny side and poked fun at all the attention her and fiancé Justin Theroux are getting.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are set to tie the knot later this year - it's all very exciting.

As thrilled as we all are for Jen, it seems the actress finds our insatiable curiosity around her impending nuptials pretty amusing.

The Friends star was presenting an award for Funniest M.F. (that's Funniest Mother F*cker, in case you were wondering) at the Guys Choice Awards hosted by Spike TV in LA last night.

Up on stage, looking slick in yet another LBD, the 44-year-old took a swipe at chat show host Jimmy Kimmel.

She said: "Jimmy, you've got a lot going on in your life. Like me you got engaged this year. Unlike me, nobody cares."

Speculation over the date, location and general details of her upcoming wedding have been almost non-stop since Jen and Justin announced their engagement last August.

Jen showed off her comedy skills as she gave Jimmy a good ribbing.

She added: "Jimmy, what a year you've had. You got to host the Emmys. Must be fun to finally meet all the stars who won't do your show."

Apparently, Jen can blame her fiancé Justin for her biting tongue.

Backstage Jimmy said: "I got roasted, yeah. She's got a filthy mouth. I blame her fiancé."

We're not so sure - we reckon she's been able to hold her own long before Justin came on the scene.

Wedding planner Kevin Lee, who arranged Jen's nuptials to ex-husband Brad Pitt, told Grazia the couple's wedding day won't have anywhere near the fanfare that it's getting from the press.

He said: "They won't be blowing millions on an over-the-top wedding with hundreds of people there they barely know.

​"Brad wanted that when she married him, and she got caught up with having a huge day. It was ultimately so stressful; that she couldn't really take time to enjoy it. So it's going to be small and low-key so they feel relaxed."​

Kevin continued: "She's so in love, she's found her soul-mate and that's all that matters.

"It's about celebrating and spending time with their closest friends and family. There will be a meaningful ceremony, with heartfelt, loving vows and a wonderful meal."

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
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