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Justin Bieber's sick grandfather claims he's "never seen a penny" of singer's fortune

by Francesca Menato ,
Justin Bieber's sick grandfather claims he's "never seen a penny" of singer's fortune© Getty

He may be one of the richest people on the planet but Justin Bieber has not shared any of his fortune with his ailing grandfather. George Bieber has controversially spoken about the alleged lack of support he has received from the pop star.

Justin Bieber is worth a reported £70million but has allegedly not given any money to support his sick grandfather.

George Bieber has made claims about Justin's refusal to offer him any monetary support, despite his poor living conditions.

The 61-year-old is unable to work because of a back condition that's so extreme he's forced to sleep in the front room of his small home.

George lives in a two bedroom cabin in Mitchell, Canada and says he's been unable to fix a hole in his roof due to his ailment, leaving his house damp and cold.

According to George, Justin is well aware of his problems and though the singer "might be worth £70million", his grandfather moans that he's "never seen a penny of it".

He added to The Sun: "It's hard to imagine the money Justin has, as it's about as far removed from our life as you could get."

But George didn't leave it there - he also spoke about Justin's erratic behaviour of late, which has included lashing out at a photographer and being late on stage for his concert.

George continued: "When I hear about his recent behaviour I just wonder who on earth is looking after him as, believe me, this is not the loving little boy we always knew."

George apparently saw his grandson at a family gathering at Christmas but can't remember the last time Justin visited his home.

Arguably 19-year-old Justin has got a pretty hectic schedule...

George is dad to Justin's father Jeremy, who was never married to his mother Patricia Malette but has apparently remained a part of Justin's life.

Justin's representatives declined to comment, but a source for the Mail Online described the story as "recycled nonsense and too bad."

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