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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson split: She's "given up on winning him back"

by Francesca Menato ,
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson split: She's "given up on winning him back"© Getty

Kristen Stewart has been left devastated by Robert Pattinson's decision to call it quits on their relationship. Despite wishing things could be different, the actress is apparently trying to accept the fact that they are over - for good.

Kristen Stewart has reportedly been trying to accept that her relationship with Robert Pattinson is not salvageable.

Though she's feeling completely destroyed by the split, Kristen has realised that they aren't going to be able to make it work ever again.

A source told Hollywood Life: “She pretty much knows that at this point there is nothing she can do to win him back.”

After dealing with Kristen's infidelity, Rob eventually called it quits after reportedly seeing messages from Rupert Sanders on her phone recently.

The Twilight couple had been working hard on making it work after their split last summer, but Rob apparently just couldn't get past the fact Kristen cheated on him with director Rupert.

But now it's Kristen's turn to suffer.

The source added: "She misses him terribly.

“She misses her best friend. It’s like a part of her has died and she is still going through the grieving process.”

Kristen isn't going to try and force Rob to love her - they are "just in different places”, and she knows that.

Since the big break-up, KStew has had to deal with rumours surrounding her sexuality and much speculation about their mutual pal Katy Perry's relationship with her ex.

According to Us Weekly, singer Katy even encouraged Brit hunk Rob to give Kristen the boot.

A source revealed: “Katy never really supported Rob’s decision to get back with Kristen.”

“She always said they wouldn’t last.

“Katy told Rob she didn’t think their relationship could withstand the cheating scandal.”

The Hollywood Life insider said Kristen is now just waiting for the press attention to blow over.

They said: “Kristen has been just laying low, hanging out with her closest friends and trying to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible.

“She’s just eager to start working again and get busy.”

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
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