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Made In Chelsea news: Millie Mackintosh quits "to follow Professor Green to US"

by Francesca Menato ,
Made In Chelsea news: Millie Mackintosh quits "to follow Professor Green to US"© WENN

Made In Chelsea veteran Mille Mackintosh may be the latest of the original cast to say goodbye to the show. She is reportedly planning to join her husband-to-be Professor Green when he tours the USA.

Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh is reportedly planning to quit the show that made her famous to follow her fiancé to America.

Professor Green, 29, is due to jet off for a US tour and his 23-year-old wife-to-be is not willing to be apart from him for such an extended period.

The couple announced their engagement back in March and are planning to wed at Babington House in Somerset in September, just ahead of Pro Green's tour across the pond.

Sources told 3am: “Millie and her family are extremely well connected and decided Babington House would be the ideal wedding venue.

“The grounds are beautiful and hopefully the weather will be great. It’s going to be a lavish yet intimate do.

"Millie’s best chums, Rosie Fortescue, Cheska Hull and Binky Felstead, were all hoping to be bridesmaids but are yet to be given the nod."

Despite pressure from the producers of the Bafta-winning show, the couple are adamant their wedding will not appear on television.

Millie Mackintosh at the Baftas © Getty
Millie Mackintosh at the Baftas
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Pro Green, whose real name is Stephan Manderson, feels very strongly about avoiding a media frenzy.

After briefly appearing in one series of MIC back when the couple first started dating, he never wants to go back.

The source added: “Stephen does not want his wedding to be a Made In Chelsea circus."

One cast member who will not be receiving an invite is notorious love rat Spencer Matthews.

Spencer, 24, has burnt all bridges with his one-time pal Millie after bad mouthing her in the press and as a result ending up in a Twitter battle with her fiancé.

Spennie recently hinted at the make-up artist's potential departure from MIC: “Millie will probably be next to leave the show. She’s about to have a very different life.

“She’ll probably have kids and I think it’s going to be very difficult for her to be in and around MIC with everything going on.”

Although we're sure she'd be loath to admit it, it sounds like Lucy Watson's new man was right.

As a new wife, it makes sense for Mills to say goodbye to the E4 show after five years in front of the cameras.

3am's source clarified that Stephen "is touring in America next year and Millie will join him as she didn’t want to be apart from her husband so soon after tying the knot.

"She has told producers she’s quitting the show and will join him there.”

Oh Millie, we will miss your ever-present pout and oh-so-glossy hair.

Francesca Menato
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