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Calling All Cat Ladies: The First Ever Feline Festival Is Coming To The UK *This* Weekend

by Rose Adams ,
Calling All Cat Ladies: The First Ever Feline Festival Is Coming To The UK *This* Weekend

Calling all crazy cat ladies and feline fanatics: it's time to get paws-itively excited because we've got the most purrfect news you're probably going to hear. Ever.

I'll admit it, I'm a total feline fanatic. My furry friends are like my children: they never answer back, they always clean up after themselves and they're always happy to see me when I return home after a long day, all ready for sofa snuggles. Conclusion: they're better than boyfriends. But I digress. Calling all cat ladies: there's an actual cat festival coming to the UK this Friday and it's all of your dreams come true.

Glastonbury's got nothing on Catnip which arrives in London this winter and it's pretty much the only thing worth leaving the house for when those blistery winter nights set in.

With the millions of hilarious cat videos sweeping the Internet and CATering (sorry) to all our procrastination needs, the geniuses over at Third Mind Productions - who specialise in unusual events - came up with the brilliant idea to dedicate a whole night to our collective love for feline funnies. And why the hell not.

We can expect a 'cat gymnasium', featuring a show reel of the best cat videos (oh my God), as well as a cabaret show, DJ sets, aerialists, 'catrobatics' and a circus while you're fuelled with pizza. Cats + carbs = a winning combo so we're kinda pumped.

​The first of its kind, Catnip promises to be a 'a massive night of bangin' caterwauling mewsic, cat-ivities and fierce feline performers!' I mean, I don't think I've ever read so many brilliant cat puns in one sentence tbh.

Tickets cost £16.95 and the best bit is they've promised to donate 15% of all profits raised to The Battersea Dogs & Cats Home which I'm sure you'll agree sure is a very worthy cause.

And just to get you in the mood - here's a cat compilation:-


Catnip will take place on November 25 at The Coronet Theatre in Elephant & Castle. Find out more and submit your fave cat videos to be shown on the night, here.

Are you a self-confessed cat obsessive too? Let us know @SofeminineUK

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