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Celebrities And Their Pets: Cos Furry Friends Are The Best Type Of Friends

by Rose Adams ,
Celebrities And Their Pets: Cos Furry Friends Are The Best Type Of Friends

What would we do without our friends from the animal kingdom, aye? They're there for us when we're happy, upset, hungover, or even when we reek of fake tan and haven't washed our hair for a week - they still love us anyway (unlike some of our human friends...) It's no wonder celebs love their pets too!

If you think with their jet set lifestyles and busy career putting all those dollars in the bank, that these celebs would be too busy to adopt any furry friends then you'd be wrong. Yup, tonnes of our fave stars are just like us when it comes extending their family with a pet, and they want us to know it too, frequently sharing cute selfies of their smooches with their pooches.

​Some of those said famous creatures have even made it into their owner's shows - remember when Miley Cyrus brought out a giant version of her husky Floyd on her Bangerz tour, after he sadly went to doggy heaven? Cute tribute or what. And talking of famous pets, you must recognise Taylor Swift's moggie Meredith, who has become an Instagram sensation in her own right, and possibly the most famous gal in the squad too.

Then of course we've got Kylie Jenner. If you're following her on snapchat - and who are we kidding, of course you are - then you'll know her pooches Norman and Bambi appear in her daily story just as much as her lip kits!

​Here we bring you all the celebrities who love their pets - slobbery kisses an' all.

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Ellie Goulding
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