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Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus! Her Hair Evolution: From Disney Locks to Her Badass Buzzcut

by Lareese Craig ,
Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus! Her Hair Evolution: From Disney Locks to Her Badass Buzzcut

As celebrities go Miley Cyrus has had quite the hair evolution through the years. From her child star Disney days to her Blurred Lines double buns (ahem), we've gotta hand it to her - when it comes to chopping and changing her mane she doesn't hold back. Here's a definitive ranking of Miley Cyrus' hottest hairstyles e-v-e-r.

Miley Cyrus has changed her hair more times than we've taken selfies. And we mean the ones that didn't make the cut. Uh uh. You know how many.

From her darling Disney days to her punk rock awakening, the changes that've gone down on that woman's head are more of a talking point than Kylie Jenner's lips.

Short, long, shaved head and mermaid hues, the girl's done it all and then some. Here's a look at her most memorable dos to date!

Disney princess

Rewind back to her Hannah Montana days! Miley Cyrus is unrecognisable with her butter wouldn't melt long caramel tresses. My gawd do we feel old right now.

Glamour puss

With her growing ink collection and short pixie hair it's hard to imagine Miley was ever any other way. But truth be told there was a time when MC was totes digging red carpet glamour over grunge. Just look at that slicked back power pony!

Vintage vixen

Hollaback to her Hollywood waves at Vanity Fair 2012, this is up there as one of our all time favourite looks from Miley's hairvolution. Lob lusting all day long.

Ombre goddess

At the Hunger Games LA premiere Miss Cyrus left the crowds swooning over her gorgeous ombre locks. It was extensions out, natural in as she debuted her classic waves which she wore in a flawless lob cut. Her nude lip and blushed cheeks perfectly offset her dark eyes. Our verdict? So on fleek it hurts.

Curly tops

It's springy and cute and we kinda wish she kept it that way. Miley completed her fierce but feminine curls with peachy makeup and a dreamy orange dress to match.


Yep, she did a Britney. In 2012 she lopped of her blonde bun in favour of a choppy platinum pixie cut a la Agyness Deyn. From princess to punkster did Miley go and all in the name of charity. Heart that.

White blonde

Way back in 2013 she rocked up to Elton John's AIDS Foundation Awards Party with a head-turning do. Going blonde clearly wasn't enough of a risk for her.

Miley did granny chic like no other with this frosty white hue styled with her signature rocker roots. She kept her makeup fresh and minimal (like Miley minimal) with lashings of mascara and a peachy complexion.

Spikin' hell

There was only ever gonna be room for one proper punk princess at the Met Gala 2013 and that space was reserved for Miley. If anyone can pull off Sonic The Hedgehog vibes it's her.

As if her hair didn't create enough of a stir, MC went ALL out with a netted Marc Jacobs gown inspired by Morticia Addams. Miley's words not ours!

Throwback to double buns

First it was Arrietty Clock from the Borrowers, then came Gwen Stefani and her trio of buns but it was Miley that made the throwback trend hot again she performed at the VMA's back in 2013. If you can pull off this look then you're more of a woman than me.

Dare to do double? Here's how to get the Miley-inspired top knots:

  • Start with a centre parting and continue it all the way down the nape of your neck.
  • Once you've divided your hair into two sections, use a tail comb to brush all the hair to the top of the head, one section at a time. If you have any loose hair that's not quite long enough to make the bun at the top, brush it up towards the hair and secure with hairspray and grips.
  • Hold hair in bunches with elastic bands
  • ​Brush the pony tail smooth before twisting into a bun and pinning in place (make sure their they same colour as your hair)
  • Repeat on the other side and secure with plenty of hairspray

Can't be tamed

For this year's Met Gala she ditched her iconic hipster hair for washed-up mermaid sleek chic instead. Complete with a beautiful dazzling ear cuff.

The Can't Stop Won't Stop singer's clearly been enjoying the rainbow hair trend lately. Only a few weeks ago she took to Instagram to show off her newly-tinted hot pink armpits. Only Miley...

Check out more pics of Miley Cyrus's hair!

Miley Cyrus hair
Miley Cyrus hair
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