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Tresses On Fleek! 25 Seriously Hot Summer Hairstyles

by Lareese Craig ,
Tresses On Fleek! 25 Seriously Hot Summer Hairstyles

When your hair goes into a Monica Geller shaped meltdown at the very mention of humidity, you know you need to get some heatwave hair inspo FAST. From sultry mermaid waves to beautiful down dos (so beautiful they make getting a sweaty neck totally worth it), here's 25 summer hairstyles to keep your tresses 100 degrees kinda hot.

Summer isn't here until the hair says so.

Chunky fishtail

Beached blonde

Heat-proof pony

Half & half

Roll up

Tousled of course

Daisy, daisy

Wave after wave


Beachside bouquet

Come undone

It's all in the detail

Salt spritzer

Candy crush

Tressed up

Braidy bunch

Aim high

Hat trick

Team texture

Under wraps


Maximum tan gains

Sunkissed strands

Top it off

Halo hair

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