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11 Thai New Year Treats To Spice Up Your Dinner Plans

by Pascale Day ,
11 Thai New Year Treats To Spice Up Your Dinner Plans

So many New Years, so little time. April 13th - 15th marks Thai New Year, or Songkran, and what better way to ring it in than losing all the feeling in your mouth with some super spicy Thai food. Here's our top pick of Thai delights that are simple to make but will make your friends think you're crazy cultured.

1. Pad Thai

Oh man. Thai food don't get much better than this. A lil bit peanutty, a lil bit spicy, deliciously carby, it pretty much ticks every box. Give it a go here.

2. Thai green curry with chicken

A classic dish that's not too difficult but tastes insanely good. Make it as spicy as you like, my friend! Recipe here.

3. Thai green curry with fish

...But if chicken isn't really your thang, this fish curry is perf for all you pescetarians. Try it out here.

4. Miang kham

This one-bite appetiser packs a pretty bold punch for those willing to give it a go. With chilli, spicy ginger and sour lime, it's not for the faint-hearted. Give it a go here if you dare.

5. Tom yum soup

Another Thai favourite that's great at clearing the sinuses, for those of you still clinging onto a cold in April. Recipe here.

6. Coconut cream dessert

If you're not so great in the kitchen but still want to impress your buddies with your Thai cuisine knowledge, this sweet pumpkin and coconut cream dessert will work a treat for you. Make it here.

7. Green papaya salad (Som Tam)

This crunchy, fresh peanutty salad is the perfect starter to your Thai dinner party. And if you like a bit of heat, add as many chillis as you bloody well like - it compliments the sweetness of the papaya. Weird but it works. Get it here.

8. Thai chicken satay

It's all about the peanuts with Thailand, isn't it? But what better way to use them than slathering them all over chicken and grilling it over a barbecue? Nothing, I tell you. Nothing. Recipe here.

9. Thai fish cakes (Tod Mun Pla)

Man, this dish is not one for those on a diet. Spicy as hell and deep fried to until deliciously crispy, make sure you make a whole bunch of these bad boys - they're going to be in demand. Recipe here.

10. Ginger and lemongrass thai soup with crispy tofu and wild rice

We couldn't do a list without including a recipe in there for all you vegan and G-free fellas out there, could we? This soup is fiery, creamy crispy and filling. Plus it's totally suitable for vegans and gluten intollies. What more could you want? Try it here.

11. Mango and sweet coconut sticky rice

And finally, to finish up, try this sweet, sticky, fruity dessert. And don't blame us if your mates want to come to yours every weekend. That's just the power of Thai food. Nab it here.

Do you have any other recipes you think we should add to our list? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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