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“I’m who I am; I don’t need a man!” Frozen’s Queen Elsa redefines generations of Disney Princesses

by Stephanie Ashley ,
“I’m who I am; I don’t need a man!” Frozen’s Queen Elsa redefines generations of Disney Princesses© YouTube - AVbyte

Disney’s new animated film Frozen has been hailed as one of the first Disney princess features where falling in love with a prince was not what saved the day. Instead, Queen Elsa gives her sister a refreshingly logical scolding when she asks to marry a man she just met. Yes, really! Now, she’s sharing some of that girl power logic with the other Disney princesses with a new, catchy song!

Disney’s Frozen has quickly become a hit, with critics, parents and children alike. For once, a Disney princess saved the day not by falling in love with a man, but by standing up for her sister.

And that sister, Queen Elsa, is a true badass! Not only does she learn to accept herself and assert her confidence throughout the film, but she also gives her sister the talking to that we’ve all wanted to scream at countless Disney princesses.

When her sister Anna insists that she wants to marry the man she just met, Queen Elsa puts her foot down. Thank you very much.

Now Elsa is sharing some of that wisdom with the other Disney princesses in a song called “Frozen – A Musical feat. Disney Princesses.” This super-feminist video was actually created by two men, and they knocked this one out of the park!


As all the other princesses are mooning over their men, Elsa tries to convince them of what we’ve all known for a while: they gave up way too much for “true love” and went about it a bit wrong.

Finally, all the princesses realize that they never quite got around to doing all those things they dreamed of. Belle sings, “I dreamt of daring quests,” while Ariel is sad that she never got the see “the world from east to west.”

Even Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora realizes that she is “stuck in this princess stereotype.” Queen Elsa sings out, “They are wrong. We are strong. Let it show. Let it go!” We see what you did there, guys.

By the end of the song, all the women proudly sing: “I’m who I am; I don’t need a man!” Well done.

What do you think of Elsa’s lesson to the Disney Princesses? Are you surprised that this video was made by men? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Stephanie Ashley
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