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This Fitness Blogger Hasn't Shaved Her Legs In Over A Year And She Might Be Onto Something

by Helen Turnbull ,
This Fitness Blogger Hasn't Shaved Her Legs In Over A Year And She Might Be Onto Something

While the official end of winter blesses us with longer days, brighter mornings and a spring in our step, it also brings with it the dreaded obligation to banish every bit of body hair down the shower drain. Shaving, waxing (or whatever your weapon of choice) from your eyebrows down to adhere to the beauty standards imposed by society is a pain in the backside for most women but can fitness blogger Morgan Mikenas persuade you to say to hell with ceremonial body-hair removal?

Meet Morgan Mikenas: a successful fitness blogger and keen musician who's single-handedly trying to destroy the taboo that women should be without their body hair. The body-positive advocate made the conscious decision to ditch razors and the like at the start of last year, in favour of embracing her natural form and freeing up "so much time" lost to ridding her body of hair.

Morgan has spoken openly about her decision to not shave in a YouTube video, posted on her channel last month. In the vlog, which is entitled Why I Don't Shave, the Instagram star details her reasons for going against societal beauty standards, citing the time shaving takes and the fact she wants to be a more natural version of herself as the main factors. "I guess my number one reason why I stopped was that it just took so much time," she tells the camera.

Morgan's motivation also stems from the fact she was so desperate to get rid of her body hair when she was aged just 11-12 after some girls made fun of her hairy legs - her not shaving is a rebellion against that. She continued: "I freakin’ love my hair, I love my body hair. I love the hair that grows on my body, when I can be my most natural and human self. I don’t do things that change my appearance because I feel there’s more in this life than just physical body. There’s more to it than this outer appearance and I just want to be comfortable in myself."

While Morgan herself feels more comfortable in her own skin since vowing to stop shaving "forever", she isn't on a mission to make women everywhere do the same. Instead, she hopes by speaking about her personal experience "everyone, not just women" will be encouraged to not feel ashamed of themselves whether this is achieved by shaving, not shaving, wearing make-up, not wearing make-up.

Morgan's body hair journey is well documented on her Instagram page and she often shares intimate, up-close photos of her growing body hair, alongside inspiring messages designed to instil body positivity into her followers. She recently posted: "It's just nice to embrace the natural beauty that you are.. the beauty that's on the inside AND the outside. What is beauty anyway? To me... it's to be beautiful before someone else told you what beautiful is supposed to be.. Just as you are, you are beautiful," alongside an image of her showing off her lengthy armpit hair.

Has Morgan inspired you to stop shaving? Let us know your thoughts on her outlook @soFeminineUK

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