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Sexist comments? Save it. Here's the best ball-busting comebacks ever

by Maria Bell ,
Sexist comments? Save it. Here's the best ball-busting comebacks ever© Envisioning The American Dream

Last week @EverydaySexism asked their Twitter followers to tweet out their best responses to sexist comments and seriously, they're so good we want to give them a medal. We've been fans of EverydaySexism ever since they first started naming and shaming examples of modern day sexism (yeah, it DOES still exist) and with these comebacks, we really have to take a second to do a feminist fist pump in their honour...

The chances are we've all been on the receiving end of some guy shouting out something like "Do fries come with that shake" and instead of dignifying them with a response, we just walk on, head held high.

This is all well and good, and it's more than understandable to be too shocked/scared/embarrassed/too damn bored to react. But some of us do. And when we do...it's incredible. Just take a look at these - next time someone drops a sexist comment, have these knockout comebacks at the ready:

Everyday Sexism - 1 Chauvinist pigs - 0.

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Image via Envisioning The American Dream

Maria Bell
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