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10 OMG! Moments From Coachella 2014

by Cliche Wynter Published on 14 April 2014
10 OMG! Moments From Coachella 2014© Getty

We're going to go ahead and call it: Coachella 2014 is already the best in the music festival's history! From the onslaught of stylish A-list celebs to crazy unexpected performances, we were barely able to keep up and contain our excitement. Here are 10 OMG moments from Coachella you won't soon forget.

Beyoncé hits the stage with her sister Solange


As Solange closed her set with "Losing You", her big sis Bey hit the stage to join her in a too cute dance bit. Now we can't stop doing the moves!

Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner Selfie


Wait, we had NO idea these girls were all BFFs. Such a gorgeous set of gals!

Leonardo DiCaprio's sand storm dance


Not that you need another reason to love Leonardo DiCaprio, but here's one anyway. Peep him dancing it up and getting every bit of his life during a sand storm.

How are we sure this is the famed actor? These paparazzi photos show him wearing the same gear.

Is it terrible that we find this absolutely funny?

Gwen Stefani surprises with "Hollaback Girl"


Gwen Stefani is pretty much our idol. The woman exudes effortless style, AND she's super talented. We had a bit of nostalgia as she hit the stage as special guest of Pharrell, and performed her massive hit "Hollaback Girl".

Yup, she recently had a baby and looks like that.

Jay-Z performs with Nas


Two Hip Hop kings at the same damn time? Epic!

Vanessa Hudgens debuts blonde hair


Well, they say blondes have more fun! She looks so amazing with lighter tresses that we're now considering reaching for the hair bleach. We love her new 'do that much.

Outkast reunites!


Fans of Outkast were beyond excited to see the pair reunite on the stage for the first time in over ten years. Aside from performing a slew of their hits, Outkast tapped Janelle Monae and Future for a couple of songs.

Justin Bieber performs with Chance The Rapper


It looks like Justin Bieber was able to stay out of trouble long enough to hit the stage at Coachella for a surprise performance with Chance The Rapper. Good for him!

Kendall Jenner's nose ring


Sure it's a Givenchy nose ring, but Kendall Jenner's choice of accessories left us yelling "WTF!" Not our fave moment from the budding supermodel.

Alexander Wang and H&M announce collaboration


Alexander Wang took to Instagram during Coachella to announce his collaboration with H&M. The two will be working on a capsule collection set to hit stores later this year.

We've got our wallets ready!

What are some OMG moments from Coachella we missed? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

Cliche Wynter
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